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The reason you choose Leixin gypsum ---- when you need calcium sulfate!

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About us

Leixin Gypsum is built in 2002 and already has 15-year’s history. As gypsum powder’s manufacturer and export enterprise, Leixin Gypsum has three mature products including food additive calcium sulfate, feed additive calcium sulfate and pharmaceutical grade calcium sulfate.



Leixin Gypsum chooses the best fiber ore and removes the impurities inside the ore by artificial selecting which includes 6 processes. Leixin Gypsum stores the finished product in the standard warehouse making use of pallet that can ensure the clean, safety and no-pollution of the product.




Leixin Gypsum is the first standard factory meeting national food additive manufacture requirement in China which has two production lines differed by products. Leixin Gypsum uses new craft of indirect calcination on calcium sulfate anhydrous which is also one of the technology patents in Leixin Gypsum.




Leixin Gypsum has passed third-part authority inspection with 99.7% assay and no lead and arsenic.



There are many famous enterprises over the world using Leixin Gypsum’s product and Leixin Gypsum also can export by trading companies according to the customers’ requirement.


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