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LeiXin Gypsum Finish QS Certificate-Change

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  Congratulations to LeiXin Gypsum pass the review of food additive calcium sulfate production license (QS) change application, and obtain national industrial production license (QS certification) (No.: 鄂XK13-217-217) , issued by Hubei Food and Drug Administration approved on April 22, 2014.

  On February 25, 2014 Hubei Food and Drug Administration officially accepted LeiXin Gypsum application for certificate-change. On March 29, 2014 the expert review came to company for review and took samples. LeiXin Gypsum successfully passed review. On April 11, 2014 inspection report was issued by Hubei Provincial Institute for Food Supervision and Test.

  The certificate-change was during the institutional reform and function change of the state council, in March 2013 China Food and Drug Administration was formally established, LeiXin Gypsum is the first food additive calcium sulfate production enterprises according to the latest food safety regulatory requirements to pass the review. At the same time, our company finished the upgrade of the new factory and became the first domestic production line of the enterprise of two kinds of food additive calcium sulfate (calcium sulfate dihydrate and anhydrous, collinear production of two products will form the cross contamination).

  So far, LeiXin Gypsum has obtained food additive calcium sulfate production and sales license. Our company will continue to organize production in strict accordance with national standards and related laws and regulations, inspection, sales, ensure product quality! We know that: quality and reliable food additive is an important source of guarantee of food hygiene. The company on the basis of strict control of production and packaging process, execute batch inspection, to ensure that products are better than national standards. " To be users-God, honesty;depending on the quality of life, perseverance.", do good "industrial" conscience in the new beginning and strive to do the best calcium sulfate products in China!


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